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Confident Communication Women's Summit

March 19, 2021 



This one-day virtual experience is for women who...

...are tired of being labeled, overlooked, silenced, or at a loss for words ...

... want to become inspired, confident & live their best life ...

Does this sound like you?

We know there's a lot of noise out there.

But together, we'll cut through it all & bring about one heck of a transformation.

And it begins with THE POWER OF US.

This 5th Women's Summit is action-packed with dynamic content, including expert speakers, virtual conversations & opportunities to learn in a safe & supportive environment.

The number one question is ...


And before you click over to Amazon or hit up the weekly deals at Target … your priority should be YOU.



Tonja Nichols

Timely & Relevant … “… I learned, laughed & made connections … I look forward to attending future summits by Betty.”

- Tonja Nichols

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“The Fall 2020 Women's Summit was a fantastic, inspirational day.

Betty brought together just the right panel of women.

After months of working from home, the Summit was an incredible connection with other women and gave me the motivation I needed to keep pushing through this challenging time. I can't wait for the next one!"

– Lauren Behm

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"In the fall of 2019, I was an attendee and the following year I was asked to be a speaker. Each Summit is a great experience and a wonderful opportunity to learn." 

- Ava McGee



Our speakers generously share their expertise, stories, wisdom, and tools.


All of which you can immediately put into action.

Speaker sessions will be interactive, inspiring, and in the end, you'll come away informed, highly motivated & compelled to take action (like yesterday).

It's designed for women of all ages & stages in life to become confident communicators in an inclusive, supportive environment.

Summit Topics will Include:

  • Understanding and overcoming negative implicit bias
  • Self-care, and building resilience
  • Joy and grit
  • Telling your story
  • Empowering action and moving forward 
  • And more...

We'll be coming to you LIVE from a high-tech conference room at the Washington Center for Women in Business (our sponsor).

It will be a content-rich experience broadcast to you in real-time.

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Betty Lochner, Summit Host 

As the saying goes … "it takes one to know one."

And so, if we surround ourselves with like-minded women who are eager to learn, share valuable insight, empower others, extend gratitude & love life … how can you lose?

You can't & this, my friend, is what kicked started it all.

THE POWER OF US marks our 5th Women's Summit!

It is truly an honor to create & lead an event bringing together some of the most amazing women from across North America.

Throughout my professional career as a coach & trainer … I've seen it all.

I've witnessed the struggle, heartache & tremendous growth.

And I understand what it takes to communicate in competitive markets confidently. To be heard in male-dominated professions, to voice our needs & desires in various relationships & how to get your message out when you're looking to make a difference.

But it wasn't until I brought together my skills as a leader, coach & trainer that I was able to zero in on THE POWER OF US.

Where not only is there strength in numbers, but there is room for grace, self-awareness, gratitude, personal growth & acceptance...all of which lead to your ability to create a life with purpose.

I encourage you to invest in YOU.


Betty Lochner, Instructor

Summit Speakers

Leah Kyaio

Leah Kyaio

Check Your Bias

Back by popular demand, Leah Kyaio, CEO/ Founder of With Respect LLC., will deliver an enlightening presentation concerning negative implicit bias and The Power of Us.

Leah's background includes being born on the Blackfoot Indian reservation in Montana  - her mom was full-blood.

Leah and her team members work with individuals and organizations to create an environment to dismantle oppression and build youth and adults' resilience.

Her delivery and teaching style is one that forges self-discovery at a deeper level.

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Krista Dunk

The Story in You

Every woman has a story that others would benefit from hearing. And indeed, there will be a story or two shared at this Summit that you’ll benefit from hearing.

Each one of us has a hidden treasure. Whether it is generational, victorious, every day, bittersweet, or even some dark treasure buried deep … items that, if brought to the surface, would require a polish of sorts for it to shine.

In this session, you’ll come to know how storytelling and unearthing your stories can enhance the lives of others as well as your own.

Krista is an author, speaker, real estate investor, author coach, and the project director for two book publishing companies.

Krista has written eight books, all on topics that share wisdom and help others in meaningful ways.

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Patricia Roberts

Empowering Action

Patricia will be returning this year to inspire you to take action, to identify a goal you WILL aspire to or reach before our next Women’s Summit in 2022 and she will help facilitate small group topics and the 2021 closing session.

Patricia Roberts is an author and COO at, where innovations are created for individuals to invite friends, family, and employers to help save for college and pay down student loan debt.

Over the past 20+ years, Patricia has helped thousands of families prepare for higher education costs, and she’s nowhere near finished! Patricia is determined to help even more by continuing to share her expertise and personal journey. 

Her first book Route 529 was inspired by going after her dreams. She resides in Brooklyn, NY, and is the mother of a college senior named Ben, graduating debt-free this year!

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Jennifer Haury

Joy and Grit

Have you heard the surprising connection JOY has in helping you dig deep? 

If your ears have perked up a little … I’m thrilled!

2020 was a heavy year, and now, it’s time to refocus, cultivate resilience and bring joy intentionally into each space - your home, at work. Anywhere else, you find yourself struggling a little.

Let’s explore how joy is a positive determinant in your ability to dig deep and demonstrate GRIT. 

You’ll have a chance to practice summoning joy, measure yourself on the grittiness scale, and come away with new ways to tap into your reserves!

Jennifer Haury is the owner of Consider All Angles Consulting in Olympia, Washington.

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Camille Rapacz

Camille has been down the road of finding your voice, knowing your value, and owning your worth. And now, her days in corporate are behind her. Still, they've enabled her to apply her expertise into her business as a coach, leader, and teacher to help people (like you) identify what is holding you back and to create a professional life you love.

Camille's primary focus is establishing a thriving business based on what you deem is your purpose in life. It begins with the belief you CAN do this ... with an action plan and strategy around what you can deliver and what you’d love to do.

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Jenny Murtagh

Jenny is a teacher turned parent coach. She is passionate about emotional wellness. Teaching taught her that everyday mindfulness lets children and adults alike thrive - but becoming a parent revealed how easily we set aside our own well-being. When this happens, nobody wins.

Her coaching focuses on self-discovery, empowerment, and “teacher tricks.” She especially wants to give parents the knowledge and tools that pumps them up so they can naturally teach their kids to feel good too!

Jenny has used guided meditation and visualization since she can remember. Years of staying present in the midst of 20+ small children have given her the strong, steady voice that helps others find their own strength.

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March 19, 2021

8:45 am - 2 pm PST via Zoom

All sessions are 15-45 minutes in length

8:45 am - Virtual Doors Open - Welcome & Get the Body Moving

9:00 am - Opening Session: The Power of Us - Betty Lochner

9:45 - 10:30 - Check Your Bias - Leah Kyaio

10:30 - 10:45 -  Stretch & Snack Break

10:45 - 11:15 -  Small Group Topics 

11:15 - 12:00 - Joy  & Grit - Jennifer Haury

12:00 - 12:15 - Stretch Break/grab your lunch

12:15 - 12:45 - The Story in You - Krista Dunk

12:45 - 1:15 - Small Group Topics ~ "I'm Not a Cat"

1:15 - 1:45 - Closing Session:  Empowering Action 

Patricia Roberts, Jenny Murtagh, Camille Rapacz, Betty Lochner

1:45 - 2:00 -  Wrap up and Final Door prizes 

Set yourself up for a successful experience:

  • Come dressed in your finest duds or yoga attire...there is no need to leave your home nor worry about which shade of lipstick to wear.

  • Lock yourself away from distractions. Put a sign out for potential interrupters and an out-of-office message on your computer. This is YOUR time, girlfriend.

  • Have a favorite morning beverage ready to go at 8:45.

  • Have fun snacks handy for breaks; Pre-make or pre-order your lunch - you'll have just 15 minutes to grab it!

  • We encourage you to dive into interactive exercises & discussion with other women who want to make an impact & get more out of life, their career, and their business.

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“I was so surprised at the beautiful swag bag given to VIP attendees. I am still in awe of the collective knowledge shared during the 2020 event; the experience pushed me out of my comfort zone and ignited big dreams. I am excited for the chance to connect at the 2021 Summit."

– Ashley Blowers

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“ … what an inspiring virtual conference that connected people from all over the country … providing multiple opportunities to add new tools to our professional development toolbox.  I look forward to the next Summit.”

– Rae Simpson

Our Guarantee

  • You'll get a massive dose of positivity, inspiration & support.

And we'll even encourage self-care: a stretch, a laugh & a song, or two. 

  • There will be aha moments, time to develop new connections, invaluable resources, surprises (including door prized throughout the day) & so much more! 

What THE POWER OF US Provides:

  • A safe, supportive space
  • A sense of community
  • Captivating content
  • Interactive group discussion and break-out session
  • A jam-packed schedule offering up BIG value
  • Tips, tools, and resources
  • Gratitude, laughter & fun


Pro-tip: if you pay, your education costs are deductible.





  • March 19 Summit Registration
  • Event Resource Page Before Event



  • March 19 Summit Registration
  • Event Resource Page Before and after Event (includes replay)
  • 2 Additional VIP Mini-Summits on April 15 and June 11
  • VIP Swag Bag mailed to you 2 weeks before event

Total VIP Package value = $400

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It will come as no surprise … this Summit (and those before) did not come together with a whisp of a magic wand.

I wish to extend a big thank you, Betsy Hagen, for working your magic & bringing our dream to life!

Got a question? Reach out [email protected]


Fall 2020 Event


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Amy Leneker
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Thank you, event sponsors! 

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