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Welcome to the 2022 Empower Experience! 

Empower 2022 is 6 monthly mini-summits held on the first Thursday of each month:

10:00 am - 11:30 pm (PST) on:

Jan 6 - How to Own the Room, Camille Rapacz (RECORDED)

Feb 3 - Delegation: How to Empower Yourself and Others, Jennifer Haury

March 3 - Using Energy Work to Heal, Beth Fitzgerald

April 7 - Stepping into Your Power, Leah Kyaio

May 5 - TBD

June 2 - TBD

The Mini-Summit series is for women who...

... want to become inspired, confident & live their best life ...


It is truly an honor to create & lead an event bringing together amazing women from across North America.  

I know you understand the importance of gathering together, in a supportive environment to dive into issues that are important to women. And this mini-summit series does just that.  They will be filled with sessions to empower and inspire you.

I hope you plan to join us where there is room for grace, self-awareness, gratitude, personal growth & acceptance...all of which lead to your ability to create a life you love, with purpose.

Betty Lochner, Host & Facilitator

[email protected]360-951-1691

Learn more about Betty here: Betty Lochner | Communication Skills Coach

Betty Lochner, Instructor

Meet the Featured Speakers and Topics 

Note: Order of Speakers and Topics may change - additional speakers may be added.

Our speakers generously share their expertise, stories, wisdom, and tools.

All of which you can immediately put into action.

Speaker sessions are interactive, inspiring, and in the end, you'll come away informed, highly motivated & compelled to take action.


Summit Format (via Zoom):

  • Welcome by host and facilitator Betty Lochner 
  • Speaker presentation
  • Discussion & Take-Aways, Surprises, Connection & More...
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Camille Rapacz

How to Own the Room: Have an impact, create change, and find fulfillment.

Recorded 1-6-22 - In this session, we discussed tools and skills to help you own the room. The session materials include a handout summarizing Camille's message and tangible things you can start doing now to own the room.

I am finally getting a chance to listen to the session from Thursday and wow she is an excellent speaker!! I am only 15 minutes in and already want my whole team to listen to this. ~ Carissa Bourdon

Camille Rapacz is a Professional Development Coach who is on a mission to help every individual create a professional life they love. Camille spent most of her career working as a leader for change from overseeing an enterprise-wide portfolio of strategic initiatives to leading a cultural transformation for continuous performance improvement.

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Jennifer Haury

Delegation: Empower Others and Yourself

Many of us have high expectations that we can (and should) “DO IT ALL”. It can be hard to give up some of what’s on our plates, even if we feel overwhelmed.  We might feel guilty about not doing a task, resentful about doing a task that really isn’t ours to do, or maybe all onboard with delegating, but not really sure how to do so gracefully. 

Sound familiar?  In this session, Jennifer will give you some helpful ways to frame how you think about delegation AND some great ways to delegate gracefully and empower yourself and others.

Jennifer Haury is an Organizational Anthropologist and the owner of Consider All Angles Consulting in Olympia, Washington - Creating the Future Through Transformation, Respect for All Humans, and Bringing JOY to Life!

Beth Fitzgerald


Beth Fitzgerald

Using Energy Work To Heal

We all get stressed from time to time in our busy lives due to work, family, relationships, and the world around us. Releasing this emotional stress is not only possible but essential. We can release this stress easily and readily when we have a simple technique like the Soften and Flow method, at our disposal.

Whether you know it as EmoTrance (Emotional Transformation), Emo, Energy in Motion, or the Soften and Flow Technique, it is a skill for life and a simple tool to integrate into your healing practice. We will spend our time together to better understand the technique in an experiential format. Each person will personally engage in releasing their own emotional “stuck” energy as we experience the Soften and Flow technique in a group format.

Beth Fitzgerald is a certified executive coach and strategist, blogger, Master EFT and Positive EFT practitioner, certified John Maxwell Coach, international speaker and trainer, as well as the author of  The Wake Up Call. She is also a wife, mother of four children (and two big dogs), and outdoor enthusiast who lives near Princeton, NJ.

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Leah Kyaio

Empowering Ourselves

Self-empowerment is simultaneously the most important and the most difficult of all things to do and maintain for ourselves. It requires challenging those unworthiness messages we all have and recognizing when the space our power occupies becomes muddy or, worse, empty. How do we recognize the moments we fail to embrace our power and what do we do to capitalize on that knowing to step back in and feel our own powerfulness?

Standing in our power doesn’t require we be anything less than authentic and respectful of others. Most of what it requires is a commitment to “doing ourselves” well. At the end of the day, we all want to look in the mirror and know who we see is who we are and reflects who we have been.

Let’s explore this together in conversation and practice of new skills and tools. Empowering ourselves is the first logical step in empowering others.

Leah R. Kyaio, M.Ed is CEO/Founder of With Respect LLC and has been a teacher and trainer for more than twenty years. Leah operates from a perspective of tools-driven learning as the way to drive real change. Leah's background includes being born on the Blackfoot Indian reservation in Montana.

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Jaisha 'Jai' White, MS, PHR (She/Her) is a purpose-driven, culturally responsive, and highly motivated educator, trainer, Diversity & Inclusion Strategist, public servant, and a lifelong learner. Inspired by the late Congressman John Lewis’ call to get into "good trouble,” Jaisha is inspiring her organization’s leaders to take a progressive approach to disrupting the structures and systems that hinder justice in order to  build a culture that centers diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism. In addition to her work as a mom, adjunct professor, and diversity and inclusion professional, Jai also volunteers for organizations that support and empower women to achieve economic independence.

 Jai lives and works in Elk Grove, California.

[email protected]

What EMPOWER! Provides:

  • A safe, supportive space
  • A  community of women connecting with each other 
  • Captivating content
  • Interactive group discussion 
  • Tips, tools, and resources
  • Gratitude, laughter & fun 
  • Access to a membership portal to view recordings, download materials, and connect with Summit Series members.
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"I LOVE this option for the summit. It not only gives a chance for more learning/development, but it also keeps the community connected. The topics have been rich with content and the speakers have been dynamic and engaging."

– Kristine Nicholson

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“ …I've been to ALL of the previous Women's summits...“I have loved every one and make sure I don't miss these summits.  I have great memories of meeting new friends, being inspired and having a lot of fun! I can't wait for the next event.”

– Debra Neuman

 Got a question? Reach out to Betty: [email protected]

or visit:

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Mini-Summit Series Package - 6 Month Plan

$177 for 6 Mini-Summits

Here's what you get:

  • Six, 90-minute Monthly Mini-Summit Sessions via Zoom - 1st Thurs at 10 AM PT - January through June 2022
  • Membership portal with session recordings plus handouts and resources

Mini-Summit Individual - Single Summit Plan

$40 for 1 Summit - FEBRUARY 3

Here's what you get:

  • One, 90-minute Monthly Mini-Summit Session with the Empower topic and speaker for the next Summit - February 3, 2022
  • Session recording plus handouts and resources
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